No Eskom penalties for solar users

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No Eskom penalties for solar users

Reports that solar Photovoltaic owners will be penalised a R900 levy by Eskom are not true.

The real picture is far better.

Solar system users will in future be able to sell their additional electricity to Eskom according to the SA Photovoltaic Industry Association.

The power utility is working on having a fixed component in the tariffs. The association says this is nothing new.

SA Photovoltaic Industry Association's Frank Spencer said, "the wrong end of the stick has been grasped on this story. the tariffs coming from Eskom for solar installations will have almost the same fixed charges as if you didn't have solar system at all."

"These already exist on Eskom residential tariffs. They might be going up faster than we expect, but solar PV owners are not being penalised at all."

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