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The newly-gazetted Electricity Generation Act regulations will allow private individuals and businesses to generate up to 100MW of electricity for their own use without obtaining a licence from the National Electricity Regulator, says Andrew Schaefer, managing director of property management company Trafalgar. Read More 

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It will cost around R250,000 to install a power generation and storage system that is sufficient to take a small household off of Eskom’s grid. This is according to Nick Roche, chief product officer at Rubicon, a South African energy company that distributes solutions like Tesla’s Powerwall backup battery system. Many households have grown tired of Eskom’s load-shedding and increasing prices and are looking into ways to power their homes themselves. Read More 

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You can sell excess solar power back to govt – but it may take around 7 years to break even Small-scale embedded generators can get around 72 cents for every kilowatt hour pumped back into the grid via a bi-directional electrical meter. These solar power systems cost upwards of R200,000 and can be paid off in seven years by combining savings with municipal feed-in tariffs. But additional monthly charges and the system’s 15-to-25-year lifespan are causes for careful consideration. Energy experts are calling for feed-in tariffs to be increased, to shorten the pay-back time. Read full article here

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