Generator: iHarvey Thermoelectric Generator

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iHarvey consumes 35 ml paraffin/hr and powers 3 LED lamps as well as a USB port for charging phones.

29 hours operation on 1 Litre paraffin. iHarvey provides the light of 30 candles or 18 paraffin lanterns PLUS charging

iHarvey generates power continuously while lit, does not utilise batteries to store energy. Three led lamps are provided with the unit allowing 3 spaces to be illuminated thus reducing the requirement of paraffin lanterns or candles to one iHarvey.

Waste Heat may be utilized to vaporise a mosquito repellent Pad.
iHarvey Accessories have rechargeable batteries so multiple accessories may be used simultaneously. In this way, the unit is not subject to battery degrade and has a life expectancy of over 5 years.

Reduce emissions by replacing inefficient paraffin burners with iHarveys

83% Lower in Soot Emissions!
Oppm CO emissions. Soot PM 2.5 reduces from 40 mg/m3 per hour for a normal glass lantern to 0.01mg/m3/h with the iHarvey®, (SeTAR Laboratory S/2014/002).
Safe for indoor unventilated operation.

What's in the box
1 x iHarvey Thermal Electric Generator
1 x LED Lamp with 2m Cable and built-in Battery
1 x LED Lamp with 4m Cable
1 x LED Lamp with 6m Cable


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