Eskom under fire for proposed ‘unfair’ new electricity tariffs

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Eskom under fire for proposed ‘unfair’ new electricity tariffs

The embattled power utility Eskom has come under fire following its proposal of new power tariffs, and its bid that on-grid solar users pay R938 per month even if they don’t use its electricity.

This follows Eskom suggesting tariffs needed to be modernised to reflect the changing electricity environment.

Currently, the variable and fixed costs gathered in producing electricity in the country are paid for through a single electricity tariff calculated per kWh of consumption.

Eskom wants the tariff to be divided into two charges which shows costs separately.

Customers would pay a fixed capacity fee, whether they use electricity or not to cover fixed costs, and a variable charge based on their use.

Eskom is also proposing a net-billing rate for those capable of producing their own electricity.

The national energy regulator (Nersa) is to decide whether to grant Eskom’s application for a tariff increase of 32.66 percent.

Eskom's proposal came at a time when the country had been experiencing the worst load shedding ever.


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